With tears in our eyes we left this villa!

August 2017

Dear Lisette,

We have just returned after 3 weeks of travel to Bali.
Your home was our favorite.
It is splendid, ultra clean, very well equipped. Everything is done to make you feel really good.
But what really touched us most was your team. Iloo is the best Bali cooker and the most efficient to store the house, while being extremely discreet to preserve our family intimacy. She taught me how to make the best Bali Nasi Goreng.
Putuh is the most charming manager, warm, smiling, he does everything to make our stay happen for the better. He really likes to get to know the guests.
The gardeners are very smiling and very kind as all the Balinese.
It was with tears in our eyes that we left the house.
Best regards
Laurence and Family